Anderson Dryers



Our prefilter/coalescers remove all liquids (water/lubricants) from your compressed air or gas. The elements are compatible with all compressor lubricants, including synthetic 
oils.The coalescers are effective on detectable solid matter as well as condensable aerosol particles down to .02 microns.
Unlike competitive coalescers, ATI elements are made from a patented process in which a thick, borosilicate fiber mass is cast to a precise configuration, eliminating the discontinuities associated with laminated elements. This thick glass fiber core is 
reinforced by a support shell that prevents ruptures due to differential pressures as high as 100 psid in the flow direction, and as high as 40 psid in the reverse flow direction.The unique design also allows all ATI filters up to 3000 SCFM to use only one element, thus avoiding leakage and high replacement costs plaguing competitors' multi-element filters. The fiber is epoxy impregnated for strength and has an enormous 90% void volume which assures consistent high efficiency and low pressure drop (1/2 psid dry for the flows indicated on this sheet).

Desiccant dryers require both a prefilter/coalescer and an afterfilter. The prefilter/coalescer removes dirt, liquid water and lubricants from the moist gas coming from a compressor before it enters the dryer. This preserves the desiccant's adsorptive capacity. Over time, the desiccant in all desiccant dryers creates a small amount of abrasive dust. Afterfilters capture that dust at the dryer output, preventing it from contaminating process materials, clogging orifices or wearing components downstream.


Both ATI prefilter/coalescers and afterfilters are specifically designed and matched for particular dryer models and applications. Using the improper filter for a dryer can cause numerous problems, including excessive pressure drop, cartridge disintegration, leakage of contaminants, frequent clogging of undersized elements, unnecessary over-sizing of expensive components and premature efficiency loss. We, therefore, price our filters very competitively to encourage our customers to buy a completely integrated air purification system (dryer plus filters). Such an integrated system is the key to maximum reliability at minimal cost.


ATI's particle filter has a deep field, high 
temperature resin bonded fiber element, 
effective for all particles down to .07 
. The pleated design gives the filter 
15 to 20 times the filter area of a similarly
sized coalescer and thus has an 
insignificant initial pressure drop (less 
than 1/2 psid) 
and an extremely great 
holding capacity. The resilient filter media is 
non-migrating, adding no contaminants to
the gas flow.

Please email or fax us for replacement filter elements